Thank you for your interest in our Flocking a Friend Fundraiser!

How This Works:

  • You decide the size of the flock and where you wish them sent, then submit and pay for your order.
  • Our Flamingo Wranglers verify that your victim has not bought Anti-Flocking Insurance. Anti-Flocking Insurance prevents our Flamingoes from Flocking at the Insured Address.
  • Our Flamingo Wranglers verify that our flamingoes can safely flock at your victim’s address.
  • Our Flamingo Wranglers transport our flamingoes to your victim’s address and loose them in their yard.
  • Your victim can choose to pay a small fee to have the flamingoes moved to another location or to just delight in the transient beauty of the flock.
  • After 24 hours, our Flamingo Wranglers round up our flamingoes and take them safely back home.
  • Note: Flamingos are not allowed to flock on public property or apartment complexes, nor where prohibited or restricted by law or agreements (Home Owners Associations, Our Flamingo Wranglers will make the final determination about permitted locations.
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