We realize you there are many great charitable organizations where you could donate your money.  if you choose to support Ben’s Place below are some targeted giving areas.  The more events sponsored the more we can provide for our Community.  Ben’s Place needs your help.

You can make your donations through Pay-Pal ( the orange “Donate Now” button on the right) or send a check directly to us at: 

Ben’s Place    1956 Blanding Blvd.      Jacksonville, FL   32210

Any questions, please just call Annie for more information at 904-379-7570  or email us at info@bensplacecof.org

Sponsor an Individual

This is our most popular option.  Many of the individuals we serve survive on the $733 SSI check they receive each month.  If you are not familiar with SSI it is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues. SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income & is designed to help the aged, blind, and disabled who have little or no income by providing cash to meet the basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

The $733 in SSI that many of our individuals receive is not a lot of money so the $100 a more a month they pay for the 60+ hours of unlimited use of Ben’s Place is a significant amount of money to them.  We have many individuals would like to come to Ben’s Place but either can’t afford $100 a month or even the $15 that allows them to come for the day.

We have several individuals who only come only once a week due to limited funds.  Your $50 monthly would allow them to come any time they wish.    With your monthly sponsorship of $50 combined with what they can afford to pay  it allows a person who can’t come on a regular basis to come every day.

Sponsor an Event:

Dance                                      $100.00

Art Night                                $50.00     

Movie Night                           $45.00     

Friday social                          $40.00           

Tuesday Dinner Night         $65.00                                      

Special Activity                      priced accordingly